NDIS registered service provider in Frankston

Kuremara is the registered NDIS care service provider in Australia. We have now expanded our wide range of disability services to Frankston. We make sure that our NDIS participants receive the best out of our tailor-made programs. To achieve this aim, we work around the hours to ensure that they are showered with personalised care and essential support. 

 Our team of professionals at Frankston works dedicatedly to help our participants find contentment in their daily activities. The services include NDIS support and attendant supervision for all our Frankston participants. 

 The core goal of Kuremara is to guarantee tailor-made and participant-compliant support services with utmost care. Frankston NDIS works whole-heartedly so that our participants gain maximum benefits out of our resources and attain their optimum potential. We are focused to enhance positive growth at all times for our participants. 

 Looking to overcome your disability-affected life? Choose Frankston NDIS services to empower your lives with the best NDIS care service provider. Kuremara enables you to live better lives. 

NDIS Frankston has a devoted professional team just for you.

Kuremara, an NDIS service provider at Frankston comprises of a team of professional healthcare staff who are able-minded, well-trained and understand the situation perfectly. Priority for each participant is based on their personal needs, life perspective and difficult experiences.  

We are committed to working towards providing inclusivity and lodging for disabled individuals with efficient guidance from care providers. Each participant finds themselves empowered with a positive view of their life goals. 

Who We Support

Kuremara functions with the goal of empowering disabled participants from age groups ranging from children to elderly people aged 65 years at NDIS Frankston. Services offered include medical aid, mental health counseling and NDIS care provision. 

Kuremara as an NDIS provider is available in Southeast Queensland. The areas covered are Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture, Logan, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Emerald in Central Queensland also has a Kuremara NDIS Service center to provide disability care for our participants. 

More About Us

We offer an extensive range of NDIS services in Dandenong that will empower your life

We function with the prime goal to extend disability support here at Frankston. Our personalised plans offer you the freedom to experience life to the fullest. Kuremara works at Frankston to empower our participants with independence and flexibility to strive towards their career and life goals. NDIS support service providers care for them with the best of quality support. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our SIL support includes primary aid for the disabled participants to carry out their obligations and chores daily. NDIS disabled participants who cannot tend to themselves and often need assistance more than required can opt for SIL. SIL comes to your rescue when even family members find it challenging. 

In-Home support

Services include support with daily personal tasks. Taking care of one’s daily needs like grooming, cleaning, shopping and cooking are fulfilled for our participants with in-home support. 

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

This service is for individuals who prefer to stay away from home for a certain period of time. Finding a home away from home is tough for our disabled participants. But STA makes it possible for them. You can make new friends, gain new experiences and rejuvenate over a get-together or a party. Our NDIS service in Frankston helps you overcome your physical challenges with STA. 

Community Access

We often think disability is a limitation. But with community access, you can grow out of the box. You can socialise with new friends and gain diverse enlightening experiences with communities. You can access this support with our NDIS community access. 

Community Nursing

We have a professional team that is devoted and dedicated to serve NDIS participants to the best of their ability. All of your medical, mental, physical and communal needs are fulfilled by our NDIS registered qualified professionals. They are able-minded, skilled and experienced to aid your growth on the right track. 


Kuremara is equipped with services that ease your burden of transportation at NDIS Frankston. Transportation services at Frankston help you not only move easily in the house but also when you choose to move outside of it. We have trained drivers who can handle all your needs hassle-free. You can find that your life is hassle-free with the transport services provided by NDIS. 

Disability Services at Frankston give freedom to our participants through NDIS support

NDIS Toowoomba

NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Frankston

How is NDIS SIL the optimum decision you can take?

Opting for our NDIS SIL service is the best decision you can take. Kuremara empowers every participant with a tailor-made program that nudges them toward their goals. Professionally, our care providers ensure that every disabled participant finds a home away from home with the opportunity to grow fruitfully. 

We at Kuremara are professionally trained with over a decade of experience tending to our NDIS participants. Further, we are devoted to care with an enthusiastic, and passionate attitude. We ensure that our participants always find themselves in an atmosphere of growth and motivation. 

NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Frankston

NDIS STA or Respite Care in Frankston

Disability services at Frankston include short-term accommodation care. All our participants at Frankston deserve a positive atmosphere of care and growth to develop themselves in pursuit of their goals. As a disability service care provider, Kuremara is equipped absolutely to provide any kind of support as and when required. We make personalised modifications for our participants with autism to ensure the best respite care during their stay at our short-term accommodations. 

NDIS Respite Providers Logan
NDIS Providers Logan

Why is Kuremara the most trustworthy possibility for support coordinators?

Kuremara has personalised NDIS disability services for our Frankston participants. We want to offer the best of our services to as many participants as possible. So, we invite collaboration from support coordinators and plan managers.  

 We prepare tailored programs for your NDIS participants. Our team works in complete coordination as per your requirements, understands your participants’ needs, desires, life goals and health care requirements. We aid in cooking nutritious meals, helping in the in-take of medication, and assist around the household. 

 You can find Kuremara as the ideal partner for you. We provide freedom for your participants’ growth, and flexible support to strive forward. Collaborate with Kuremara to find independence and quality in your life. 


Why is Kuremara the best choice as the NDIS Provider in Frankston?

  • Knowledge and Experience – Kuremara has an experience of over a decade in taking care of our disabled participants with the utmost professional care. Now, as Kuremara is expanding to Frankston, you will experience the same care and freedom with the help of its care service providers. 
  • Personalised Programs – Our participants have diverse perspectives and experiences that evolve each growing day. At Kuremara, our NDIS services are personalised and cater to each participant’s growing needs. We meet your fundamental needs like community care and in-home support with flexible ease. 
  • Authorised Care Provider – We are an authorised NDIS provider in Frankston with diverse services. We are the best choice for all your needs. Further, we are authorised by the Government of Australia with a registered license to provide disability services in Frankston. 
  • Diverse Support – With such accomplished experience, Kuremara is adeptly equipped to provide all of the participants’ needs in every possible way. With the wide range of services and support for daily needs, Kuremara helps the participants to achieve their goals successfully. 

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