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Travel options may seem simple and obvious to many people, but when you’re living with a disability mobility may be one of your many core struggles, getting from place to place can present a serious challenge and may face many obstacles in their mobility, including their ability to secure and access transportation, whether private or public.

We understand that dependable and accessible transport is a great enabler to independence and good quality of life, but, personal circumstances may hinder your or a loved one’s ability to drive a car or ride public transport. You may also find that accessing other transportation options such as taxis are limited for you. This can lead to significant limitations when it comes to getting around, going to appointments, getting to and from work or school, travelling, shopping, or visiting friends and family.

Transport doesn’t need to be a challenge, with the help of transport services, we can open up a whole new level of independence. At our company, we are dedicated to providing the best disability transport services. Whether you or your loved one experiences a disability and has transport included in your NDIS plan, we can assist you with travel with our disability transport services. We have a variety of transport options for individuals in our wheelchair accessible fleet. We also offer transport on a fee for service arrangement.

Trust us to provide the best disability transport services in Queensland, and let us help you navigate the city with ease.

Empowering Independence: Disability Transport Services for Everyday Living

Our Disability Transport Services offer accessible transportation options for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues. These services provide safe and reliable transportation to medical appointments, social activities, and other essential appointments For many people with disability, access to the community, and social, recreational, and economic participation is dependent on access to suitable transport. If you have transport included in your NDIS plan, we can assist you with travel to your activities within your community. We have a variety of transport options for individuals and groups in our wheelchair accessible bus and fleet. We also offer transport on a fee for service arrangement. Our transport services are available to those who need assistance with transport to and from:


Our goal is to provide inclusive and accessible transportation options that enable individuals with disabilities to maintain their independence and participate in their community.

School and other educational facilities

GP and other Health Appointments

Community Access Activities

One-off Trips or Regular Outings

Hairdresser & Personal Appointment

A Complete Door to Door Service

Visiting family and friends

Everyday tasks such as shopping, banking, post office

Why hire Kuremara for Disability Transport Services?

At Kuremara, we are full service support providers set on helping you achieve your goals. That means we keep these in the forefront when setting up your transport and travel options and will not rest until you get there and back safely.

  • We have experience and empathy and will do all we can to improve your quality of life.
  • We build relationships with our clients and provide a personalised, caring, and safe service.
  • We will match you with someone who can get to know you and your travel needs, and who will work with you every single time to ensure they’re met.
  • We will take into consideration your personal goals when planning transport and travel, making sure you have the support you need to get out and about.
  • We are trustworthy, timely, and communicative.
  • We understand the challenges you face with transport and travel to complete daily activities, attend appointments, and actively participate in the community.

Areas We Serve for Transport


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