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What is Short Term Accommodation (STA)?

Kuremara’s Short Term Accommodation program under the NDIS Melbourne is for you to escape the ordinary, find a home away from home. 

The program of NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne offers temporary living for individuals with disabilities, providing a brief break or emergency care. STA offers opportunities to broaden experiences, make new friends, and learn new skills. Under the NDIS, Short Term accommodation replaces what used to be called respite for people with disabilities.   

Our dedicated team provides unparalleled service, ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout your stay. Relax in immaculately maintained and comfortable rooms, conveniently located for easy exploration. Book with us and enjoy the finest of NDIS Short Term Accommodation Melbourne. 

Our Short Term Disability Accommodation (STA) Services

In the vast range of NDIS providers Melbourne, Kuremara offers Short-Term Disability Accommodation (STA) to individuals seeking recovery and regained independence. Designed to address diverse needs, our services include custom-tailored accommodations, assistive devices, personal care, and medical support. Committed to upholding the quality of life during recovery, we provide specialist NDIS housing in Melbourne for individuals with complex needs, all within accessible locations. Explore our comprehensive services and contact us today to discuss your personalized path towards well-being and renewed autonomy.  

Assistance with travel


Individuals with disabilities who have severe obstacles when utilising public transport are often eligible for NDIS funding. Kuremara has trucks available to transport participants. Our support staff will be available during the journey. 

In-home 24/7 support


Kuremara provides help 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your daily and nightly requirements. At Kuremara, NDIS housing in Melbourne includes a variety of services tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to keep your freedom and continue living at home. 

Behaviour support

Kuremara supports Mental Health participants, both with and without behaviour programmes. Our behavioural support services focus on understanding why a person with a disability may engage in inappropriate or difficult behaviour, as well as what may be done to increase capacity in a safe and fun setting

Assistance with activities of daily living


Daily living assistance comprises help for normal personal activities as well as monitoring of personal daily responsibilities. Kuremara can help with everyday tasks including bathing, clothing, food preparation, prescription assistance, and domestic care such as cleaning, gardening, shopping, and attending personal appointments.  

Access to 24/7 medical support through the Priority Health Group


Kuremara has an affiliation with Priority Health Group, a primary healthcare provider. Our doctors are ready 24/7 to conduct telemedicine visits to our participants if necessary.  

A range of tailored activities throughout Southeast Queensland and Emerald


Recognizing the importance of individual expression and engagement, Kuremara offers a diverse portfolio of specialized activities. Designed to cater to varied interests and timeframes, our programs include full-day excursions, half-day outings, and engaging shorter activities. Among other NDIS short term accommodation providers in Melbourne, choosing Kuremara for STA. Taking into account, partnering with our dedicated and experienced support workers, you can tailor activities to align with your unique goals and ignite your passions. This collaborative approach fosters fulfillment and personal growth, empowering you to define your ideal day. 

Therapeutic support

Receiving money for NDIS therapeutic assistance in your plan is usual. Eligible participants can choose from a variety of treatment services, all of which must be administered by a qualified therapist. The qualifications required by each service provider will vary based on the type of help being provided. The purpose of NDIS therapeutic support is to help you achieve greater independence and participate in everyday, practical activities. This includes topics like language and communication, mobility and movement, personal care, interpersonal connections, and communal life. 

Community access


Living a complete life involves getting out there, meeting people, and trying new things. Participating in social and community activities is an essential component of leading a healthy lifestyle. At Kuremara, we can help you participate in the community by enrolling in an art class, going on a vacation, learning to play an instrument, and a variety of other activities. There are several ways in which our community access programmes can assist you in becoming more socially connected and active in your community. 

Respite care in quality accommodation


Kuremara offers a wide range of captivating accommodations. We recognise that the need for short-term care may emerge unexpectedly and for a variety of reasons. Respite services also referred to as Short Term Accommodation (STA) services, can enhance a family’s capacity to care for a member with a disability and support family unity. That is why we provide quality, short-term lodgings in a warm and calm setting where your loved ones or participants will be well cared forOur respite, NDIS short term accommodation in Melbourne has residences that provide a relaxing stay for persons with disabilities for one night, a weekend, or a week or two. Our mission is to always deliver exceptional respite—because we care. 

Our Short Term Accommodation (STA) Housing Activities

Full day activities

  • Visiting Theme Parks

  • Visiting Zoos

  • Visiting The Beach

  • Visiting National Parks

  • Attending Sporting Event (Footy, soccer and cricket matches)

Half day activities

  • Visiting Museums

  • Visiting Farms

  • Gaming

  • Visiting Arcades

  • Prince and Princess Pampering Activities

Short activities (1 to 3 hours)

  • Sporting Activities (inc swimming, minigolf)

  • Picnic In The Park

  • Games (inc board/card/video games)

  • Site Seeing (city cat, bus and train tours)

  • Therapy (inc sand therapy, meditation)

Areas We Serve for Short Term Accommodation (STA)


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Discover additional details regarding Melbourne’s Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Discover additional details regarding the Mackay’s Short Term Accommodation (STA). 

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