Introduction to In-Home Care Support

Our in-home support services are of benefit to people who require some additional support in their own home and/or community.  In-Home Support relate to assistance with daily personal activities including assistance with, or supervision of, personal tasks of daily life. This service is perfect for participants who need assistance to complete tasks associated with daily living like meal planning and cooking, cleaning and maintaining your home or if you require personal care support such as dressing, eating, bathing and medication assistance. In-home support is not just limited to your home, the team at Kuremara will help you access the community and achieve your goals in the way you choose.

Kuremara can assist you with :

  • Personal care tasks that enable you to maintain high levels of health and well being
  • Mobility Support – hoist transfers, getting in and out of bed
  • Dressing Support
  • Showering Support
  • Personal Grooming
  • Domestic tasks – assistance with grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning etc
  • Attending appointments
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Finding your way around your community and accessing social and leisure options
  • Transport

What Does Our In-Home Care Involve?

In-Home Support offers individualised aid for people of all ages in acquiring and executing activities of daily living such as

Our In-Home Care Services

Support you with Shopping

At Kuremara our support workers are here to help you achieve all your shopping goals and ensure you have everything you need or want at home. We ensure your shopping is selected for your specific instructions and to your satisfaction. Whether you need transport to shops, help carrying your shopping bags, or someone to do your shopping for you, we can help.

Preparing Meals

Cooking is a valuable skill in life and is something that a lot of us learn over time, becoming second nature. Cooking can be a difficult task for some participants with disability and can present many challenges. With the provision of in-home support service, we can help participants with menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation of healthy meals to suit their tastes and using ingredients and recipes they love. Our friendly and experienced support workers will accommodate with meal preferences.

Giving Medications

Kuremara offers medication management by Registered Nurses, who are fully compliant will all NDIS regulations and quality control measures. Since medications can pose serious risks if used inappropriately or at an incorrect dosage, our nurses are fully trained and will thoroughly check your doses, expiry dates, help participants to understand possible side effects, and safely administer your medicine on time. They can also work with participants and the hospital discharge planning staff to create a detailed in-home care plan. We take strict measures to ensure that your health is always protected.

Personal Care & Cleaning

Sometimes everyday tasks can start feeling a little more strenuous. We can help you manage living at home, however, support is necessary for you. Our support workers can assist with a variety of common everyday household and personal tasks such as washing or showering, grooming, dressing, walking or mobility, or a companion with personal outings. We provide personalised care that is personal to you and to encourage you to help stay active through exercise routines, or providing an escort to your medical appointments, so you can continue to live confidently and safely at home. We pride ourselves on providing quality, respectful and consistent personal care services.

Life Skills Development

At Kuremara we recognise and appreciate the level of complexity faced by people with a disability when tackling everyday tasks and activities.

We can help participants learn the essential life skills to live more independently – everything from personal hygiene to grocery shopping and meal planning. We will walk them through the steps in a way they understand, letting them take more independence and control each time.  Our staff are highly skilled can provide reliable, innovative and flexible support to suit individual needs and goals. We aim at building their capacity to manage day-to-day life, through the development of their knowledge, skills and networks of support.

Daily Activities

Assistance with daily life activities provides assistance or supervision of personal tasks during day-to-day life that enables the participant to live as independently as possible, to be independent. It’s important to develop daily living skills that help you meet everyday challenges. Learning how to stay safe at home with as much or as little support for your needs. Doing things for yourself helps you feel confident and in control, knowing you can tackle whatever the day throws at you. Assistance to help you live in a home independently with support to do daily living activities such as cooking your favourite meal, simple cleaning skills to keep yourself organised, assistance with personal activities such as personal hygiene, medication administration prompts and reminders. We work with you to develop individual skills to keep you in good health.

Why is in-home support important?

We provide quality care through understanding your individual needs and approaching each unique case with unconditional compassion. 

At Kuremara we believe that with In-home care support, allows participants to achieve the highest quality of life and maintain their independence at home or in the community.

Providing care in a familiar environment can support security, safety, increase independence, simplify the management of a chronic medical condition, and help avoid unnecessary hospitalisations.
Home based support can also help participants on their journey to recovery after an injury or illness. 

Let us help you achieve your desired lifestyle. For more information or a consult, 
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