How NDIS In Home Care Support in Brisbane is helpful for Participants?

Participants can benefit from our In Home Support NDIS services, the service is ideal for those who need extra help in their own homes or communities. Our NDIS In Home Support in Brisbane includes support for daily personal tasks.  

Participants can look forward to getting this service if you need external help with personal care like dressing, eating, showering, and taking medicines, we also help with everyday housekeeping like cleaning, cooking, and nourishment planning. 

Kuremara’s staff provides NDIS In home care in Brisbane that goes beyond your house; we will help you with connecting with the community and achieving your objectives in the manner you choose.  

Kuremara can assist you with :

  • Personal care tasks that enable you to maintain high levels of health and well being
  • Mobility Support – hoist transfers, getting in and out of bed
  • Dressing Support
  • Showering Support
  • Personal Grooming
  • Domestic tasks – assistance with grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning etc
  • Attending appointments
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Finding your way around your community and accessing social and leisure options
  • Transport

What Does Our In-Home Care Involve?

People of all ages can receive personalised assistance from NDIS In-Home Support to acquire and carry out everyday life tasks such  

Our In-Home Care Services in Brisbane

Support you with Shopping

Our support staff at Kuremara is available to assist you in reaching all your shopping objectives and ensuring you have whatever you want or desire at home. We ensure the items you purchase are chosen according to your exact specifications and to your satisfaction. As an NDIS home care provider in Brisbane, we can help you get to the stores, carry your bags, or have someone do your Shopping.  

Preparing Meals

Many of us learn to cook over time as it is a significant part of life, which makes it a valuable life skill. Several participants may find cooking to be a challenging task with numerous obstacles. Our In Home care services enable us to assist participants with meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking nutritious meals to fit their preferences. Our friendly support staff will accommodate meal preferences.  

Giving Medications

Assuring timely administration and dosage monitoring, our registered nurses manage medication while complying with NDIS regulations. Our fully qualified nurses will carefully check your doses and expiration dates, assist participants in understanding potential side effects, and safely administer your medication on time because pharmaceuticals can pose severe risks if misused or at the incorrect dosage. In home care, NDIS plans can be meticulously crafted by them in collaboration with participants and hospital discharge planning personnel. Your health is always protected because we take vital precautions.  

Personal Care & Cleaning

Everyday chores can feel more taxing. Our NDIS In-Home support in Brisbane can assist you in adjusting to life at home, but you still need support. Many typical everyday household and personal tasks, like washing clothes or taking a shower, grooming, dressing, walking, and giving company on personal outings, can be helped with by our support workers. We provide personalized care that is tailored to you in order to help you keep an active lifestyle at home, whether it be through exercise programmes or being driven to medical appointments. We take great pride in offering trustworthy, polite, and superior personal care services. 

Life Skills Development

As an NDIS home care provider, Kuremara aims to help participants learn independent life skills, such as personal hygiene, grocery shopping, and meal planning. Our skilled staff provides reliable, innovative, and flexible support tailored to individual needs and goals. Our goal is to build participants’ capacity to manage day-to-day life by developing their knowledge, skills, and networks of support.  

Daily Activities

Support with daily living activities, such as personal tasks and daily living skills, helps Participants live independently. We are equipped to handle obstacles in their daily lives, maintain participants’ safety at home, and have self-assurance. Help includes doing housework, cooking, cleaning, and reminding individuals to take their prescriptions. The aim is to provide every individual with the necessary resources to maintain their well-being and be ready for any situation that may arise during the day. 

Significance of NDIS In Home Support?

In-home care in a comfortable environment may ease managing a chronic medical condition, save hospital visits, and offer security, safety, and freedom. After a sickness or injury, home-based care can also help individuals on their road to recovery.  

Kuremara is dedicated to providing quality service by learning about your particular needs and addressing every situation with the utmost attention. Offering in-home care help would enable participants to maintain their independence in their homes or communities and live the greatest possible quality of life. 


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