Seeking reliable disability transport services?

Many people believe that travel options are simple and obvious, but when you live with a disability, mobility is one of many core struggles. Getting from place to place can be a serious challenge, and you may face many obstacles in your mobility, including your ability to secure and access transportation, whether private or public.  

We are registered under NDIS transport providers in Melbourne, and we recognise that dependable and accessible transportation is a significant facilitator of freedom and high quality of life; nevertheless, personal circumstances may limit your or a loved one’s capacity to drive a car or take public transportation. You may also discover that you have restricted access to alternative modes of transportation, such as taxis. This might result in substantial limits in terms of getting around, going to appointments, and 

Transport does not have to be a difficulty; with the support of disability transport services in Melbourne, we may achieve a new degree of freedom even in Melbourne. Our organisation is devoted to offering the best disability transportation services. Whether you or a loved one has a disability and transport is included in your NDIS plan, we can help you travel with our disability transport services. Our wheelchair-accessible fleet offers several transportation choices for individuals. We also offer transport on a fee-for-service arrangement. 

Trust us to deliver the best disability transport services in Melbourne and allow us to assist you travel the city with ease. 

Everyday Living Made Easier with Disability Transport Services

Kuremara provides disability transport services in Melborune which are approved by NDIS Melbourne for accessible transportation solutions for individuals with mobility challenges. We empower participation in the community, social activities, and essential appointments through safe, reliable journeys in wheelchair-accessible vehicles and with compassionate drivers. Choose from individual or group transportation options, managed seamlessly through your NDIS plan or via fee-for-service arrangements. Reconnect, explore and thrive with Kuremara by your side. Our transport services are available to those who need assistance with transport to and from. 


Our mission is to provide inclusive and accessible modes of transportation that let people with disabilities remain independent and participate in their communities.

School and other educational facilities

GP and other Health Appointments

Community Access Activities

One-off Trips or Regular Outings

Hairdresser & Personal Appointment

A Complete Door to Door Service

Visiting family and friends

Everyday tasks such as shopping, banking, post office

Why Kuremara is the ideal choice for Disability Transport Services?

Kuremara is a full-service NDIS transport providers in Melbourne dedicated to assisting you in achieving your goals. That means we keep them in mind while planning your transportation and travel options, and we won’t stop until you get there and back safely. 

  • Our experienced and compassionate team is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life through accessible transportation. 
  • We develop personalized relationships with clients, ensuring a safe and caring service tailored to your specific needs.  
  • You’ll be paired with a dedicated driver who takes the time to understand your unique travel requirements, providing consistent and reliable support. 
  • Your personal goals and aspirations guide our travel planning, ensuring you receive the necessary support to explore and engage with the community. 
  • Expect punctuality, open communication, and unwavering reliability for all your transportation needs. 
  • We acknowledge the transportation challenges you face, and we’re here to offer a smooth and supportive solution for your daily activities, appointments, and community participation. 

We’re only a phone call away when you need us.

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