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Are you struggling with your disability? And, also unsure, how to transform your life and accomplish your dreams. Kuremara’s NDIS Community Access helps our NDIS Sydney participants in their social and community participation. Kuremara NDIS support coordinators will continually aid you in reaching this goal when you plan a vacation, or play a musical instrument or other activities. Now, you can get your life back on track without any hassle

Explaining NDIS Community Access to Our Participants

NDIS community services include community access for all our participants and gives them a new experience that can be ticked off their bucket list. Socialising with new people is quite a drawback our participants find it hard to handle. 

Kuremara enables them to meet new people and participate in social events. Their participation in social, communal and civic programs give them confidence to grow socially and even maintain a healthy lifestyle that betters their daily living.

NDIS Community Access Services Made Easy Outside your Home

Kuremara with NDIS works to help its participants by providing social and community services in their communities. NDIS community access in Sydney helps you to try out new activities, socialise with new friends, and gain new experiences.

These new experiences cover:

  •       Participation in community events and activities
  •       Learning art
  •       Taking up musical instruments
  •       Going on Adventure trips with friends and family
  •       Grocery shopping, fulfilling financial commitments
  •       Complete medical commitments
  •       Enjoying a movie or a musical concert
  •       Transportation access services to help you move around freely.

With Kuremara’s NDIS community access, we help you attain your goals through expressive activities and try our best to help you enjoy all the activities. Also, it is important that you maintain your crucial relationships around you. You gain connectivity to like-minded people around you who share common interests. This works to improve your holistic health.

Kuremara’s NDIS Community Access At Your Home’s Comfort

We provide numerous chances at Kuremara so you can get to make new people and strike friendships. You learn from new experiences and have a time of fun. You can use our NDIS community access services from the comfort of your home, while you have taken a light stroll in the community.

Kuremara believes that every individual regardless of their condition and ability has an equal right to the lifestyle they desire. So, we help you participate and engage in social, communal and civic programs near you.

Certain activities that include:

  • Cooking and baking with the help of a tutor at your home.
  • Painting, sculpting, coloring activities with an art guide
  • Dancing classes with an instructor at your own comfort.
  • Learn gardening as a self-care activity to ease your stress
  • Gaming sessions to relieve you
  • Beauty-related classes to enhance your positivity

Kuremara is geared to build a caring and customised approach through its NDIS community access in Sydney. We ensure that the activities and learning you participate in help you to gain new skills, achieve your goals, enjoy your favorite pastimes, and forge long-term bonding for growth and development.

Kuremara is registered to deliver:

  • Participation in community, social, and civic activities.
  • Assistance with travel/transport arrangements.
  • Innovative community participation services under the NDIS.

Social and Community Participation services are funded under one of the following in your NDIS plan:

What activities can you take part in?

Kuremara organises wide-range of activities as part of its NDIS community access program. We want our participants to fully engage in the community, and build new bonds in spite of their physical challenges and needs.

You can participate in a number of daily activities prepared keeping every participants’ needs, interests, goals and hobbies in mind. 

You can participate in every activity as we don’t limit your capability.

You only have boundaries set by your ideas! 

Sports activities

  • Swimming at the local pool.
  • Accessing the gym.
  • Nature and park walks.
  • Watching sporting events.

Social and community activities

  • Visiting friends and family.
  • Going to a café or restaurant.
  • Attending community events.
  • Going to the movies or a concert.

Personal development activities

  • Yoga classes.
  • Art classes.
  • Music lessons.
  • Accessing the library.

Individual interests or necessities

  • Going for a walk or drive.
  • Going to the bank or post office.
  • Grocery Shopping.
  • Medical appointments.

Your Benefits of Using Kuremara’s NDIS Community Access Service

  • Kuremara is a registered NDIS service provider in Sydney. We take care to provide high-quality, customised and dependable support to our participants.
  • Our team is professional and devoted. We can help you meet other interested participants to enjoy the best community access program. Our focus is to meet your needs and interests
  • Our services range from children to the elderly.
  • We support our participants even with physical and/or intellectual limitations.

Our support staff is caring and compassionate. We focus on a personalised approach to build our participants’ confidence, independence and life skills. Also, our service staff work with patience to meet our participants’ daily needs. We help you attain your daily and life goals without compromising the lifestyle you wish to choose.


How do you understand Social and Community Participation?

Social and Community Participation is part of your NDIS Community Access. As our participant, you’ll get to meet people with similar interests. It means different things to different people, but basically, it’s about exploring social and community activities. You get to hang out with others and pick the activities you enjoy.

What kind of free consultation Kuremara offers you?

Kuremara is your constant guide during your NDIS journey. We continually assist our participants in understanding their options. 

During the free consultation session, we will discuss

  • Your complete package, including your funding and support, you are entitled to receive as a participant 
  • Your aspirations and needs are met
  • Your NDIS plan and support services are well-structured
  • Your NDIS package is best utilised according to your needs
  • Your goals are aligned with your needs.

As NDIS specialist providers, we aim to support your plan from commencement till completion.

How do I know if my NDIS plan covers Community Access?

Understanding your NDIS plan can be tricky, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! At Kuremara, we’ll review your NDIS plan with you to see what’s covered under Community Access. If you have any questions or uncertainties, just ask us. Our friendly team is dedicated to making it easy for you. We’ll explain everything in simple terms, help you identify your funding options, and ensure you get the most out of your plan. As a registered NDIS provider in Sydney, Kuremara is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Why is NDIS Community Access crucial for Kuremara’s participants?

NDIS Community Access is indispensable in our participants’ lives. Social and community participation is important because

  • It promotes inclusivity and connectivity with other (participants)
  • It gives you opportunities to build relationships with friends
  • It grows your social networks and makes you feel more included
  • It increases your confidence and builds your ability to participate with others
  • It develops your skills to function independently and feel safer in the community
  • It grows your skills and helps you network for employment purposes
  • It aids you in finding activities you enjoy.

How does Kuremara help with your NDIS Community Access?

Kuremara’s NDIS Community Access supports your goals and provides care. As you get involved in the community, we help with your daily activities, training, and skill-building. This positively impacts you and boosts your sense of belonging. We specialize in supporting your:

  • Social interaction
  • Space for social and economic participation
  • Learning new skills
  • Self-care and self-management
  • Communication
  • Mobility

Where does Kuremara provide its NDIS Community Access services?

Kuremara provides support and care for our participants in the comfort of their homes. Now we are providing NDIS services in different locations – Southeast Queensland, Central Queensland, and Greater Melbourne.

We’re only a phone call away when you need us.

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