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Kuremara stands out as a premier NDIS provider in Sydney, dedicated to empowering NDIS participants to achieve their personal goals and enhance their independence. Our approach is centered on the individual, offering tailored support that respects and meets each person’s unique needs and aspirations. We are committed to providing compassionate and effective assistance, helping participants navigate their path to independence with confidence and dignity.

As a registered NDIS service provider in Sydney, Kuremara can provide you with the support and assistance you need to reach your full potential and achieve your goals. Our support helps you live with dignity and self-esteem, and assists you in:

  • Achieving your life goals
  • Reaching your full potential
  • Being empowered in your decisions

Our support workers never take a generalized stance when offering support and care. Instead, they consider your specific needs, lifestyle, socioeconomic background, and life objectives. This personalized approach allows them to create a support package tailored to your unique requirements, enabling you to live the life of your choice. This commitment to individualized care makes Kuremara your favorite disability service provider in Sydney.

Who Can Receive NDIS Services in Sydney?

The Kuremara team provides NDIS services in Sydney to clients with disability. Our team assists with daily needs, medical aid, and mental health counseling for individuals up to 65 years.

Kuremara services cover the entire Southeast Queensland. Under Southeast Queensland comes the Sunshine Coast, Logan, Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Townsville, and the Gold Coast.  Kuremara’s presence is in Emerald and Melbourne of Central Queensland as well.

More About Us

Kuremara, An NDIS Support Service In Sydney That’s Always by Your Side

If you’re looking for NDIS providers in Sydney, Kuremara is here to help. Our dedicated NDIS support workers offer compassionate, flexible care tailored to your needs. With teams of qualified professionals across Sydney’s suburbs, we combine extensive resources with a local touch. Enjoy our benefits by searching for “NDIS service providers near me” and registering with us.

As an NDIS provider we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in your life and helping you achieve your full potential. Through our expertly designed NDIS services, we support you in finding the ideal home and managing your NDIS plan effectively. Our core mission is to empower participants to lead fulfilling, independent lives by promoting self-sufficiency and seamless integration into the community. This commitment is reflected in our staff’s continuous training, ensuring they have the skills and empathy needed to deliver unique and personalised NDIS services in Sydney.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)


This service aims at bettering the lives of clients struggling with disability. As Sydney’s NDIS service provider, we support the independent living of our clients. Assistance in daily duties is one primary role that is fulfilled through SIL.

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In-Home Support


With this service, the clients receive daily assistance for the activities at home (cleaning, cooking, grooming). Care providers help the client cook nutritious food at home, clean the household, and even help in grooming for a better look and feel.

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Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Our NDIS STA services in Sydney add excitement by providing a temporary home away from home. The client meets new friends, gain new experiences, and rejuvenate their otherwise dull lives. Under NDIS Sydney, this STA experience replaces respite care and refreshes the client’s perspective of life.

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Community Access

Another important factor that NDIS services in Sydney bring to your doorstep is community access. Due to disability, the clients hesitate to mingle and go out into the community. This service gives you the freedom to meet with new people. We help you enjoy your life to the fullest. You can express yourself and enjoy yourself through community access support.

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Community Nursing

We have a professional team with dedication to serve our clients with care and compassion. They are well-trained, able-minded, and experienced to handle situations perfectly. They can assist our clients in all their daily duties. As our client, you will receive the best quality, customized nursing care in the convenience of your home.

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As your NDIS provider in Sydney, we understand how vital it is for you to have transport service. You can go out of your house, visit the local market, and coffee cafe, and go out for lunch with new friends. We are here to support you by providing you with our transport services.  

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Sydney’s NDIS Support Coordinators Collaborate with Kuremara

Kuremara has provided its best quality services in the disability sector for more than a decade. Its professional team is always ready to go the extra mile to meet the client’s needs. Our highest priority is taking care of the client and allowing them to be comfortable in achieving their goals. For this, we customize our programs for each client to fit according to their evolving needs.

We make every effort to reach each client with our services that would help them get the best out of their lives. Mutual support is essential for increasing the coverage of NDIS services in Sydney. In this regard, Kuremara collaborates with local NDIS Support Coordinators and Plan Managers to amplify the coverage of our services.

Kuremara is the best registered NDIS service provider in Sydney for several reasons:

  1. You can access the support of highly professional NDIS-registered providers. They will take care to assist in your daily needs as well as your life goals.
  2. You can trust Kuremara to cater to your client’s evolving needs and communicate with you consistently to understand how to serve you better.
  3. Our NDIS services are constantly customized but ever-dependable and you get access to the best care providers in Sydney.


Why Kuremara is the Perfect NDIS support provider in Sydney?

Kuremara has been providing exceptional NDIS services for over a decade. Whenever you require assistance for a disabled family member, Kuremara is here for you with our customized and dependable support. Our ever-ready professionals are prepared for any client who requires aid at any place or time. The team is well-trained, and able-minded and provides care for clients ranging from children to the elderly.

Customized Approach – We customize our programs according to the changing needs of every client. We believe in respecting each client. We plan our programs to suit your daily needs and life goals.

Professional Team – Our team is fully professional in the sense that we tend to every client equally without any hassle. We have a well-trained, qualified team that cares for the clients with the utmost care.

Community Agreement – As NDIS service providers, we look at our clients as equal beings to everyone. We enable our clients to move out of the house to participate in community programs and activities. Community programs aid in social positivity as well as engagement with society at large. This also ensures that their confidence and personality grow out of the broken negativity they have long held onto.

Holistic Collaboration – You can search physically or on Google for “NDIS providers near me”. We partner with willing and dependable partners to grow the support network and other service providers. We aim for holistic collaboration to provide our clients with trustworthy care and coordinated support round the clock.


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years of expertise

Work with Kuremara

Team Kuremara values unity as the foundation of our success. Joining hands with us offers not just flexibility in shaping a schedule that mirrors your living pace but also opens up an array of added perks! 

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Latest Events

The Kuremara group was honored to participate in the ConnectionFEST networking event, with Karen Lorenzon from Be Noticed & Get Connected – Positive Disability Network. It was a day filled with knowledge and growth as our COO—Saru—took on the role of guest speaker. Our team mingled with industry folks like Support Coordinators and Service Providers, growing our network and learning tricks to better help diverse clients by linking up with similar NDIS providers.

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    What is the NDIS and how does it benefit participants in Sydney?

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide personalized support plans for individuals with disabilities. In Sydney, it grants access to a range of services such as personal care, therapeutic supports, and community engagement activities. This enables participants to live more independently and actively participate in their communities. Additionally, the NDIS promotes social and economic inclusion, aiding individuals in pursuing employment and educational opportunities.

    Key Information:

    • Customized support plans for individuals with disabilities.
    • Access to a wide variety of services and supports.
    • Encouragement of social and economic participation.

    For more detailed information, visit the NDIS official website.

    How can I register as an NDIS participant in Sydney?

    To register as an NDIS participant in Sydney, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria: under 65 years old, an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and have a significant disability. Start the process by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) via phone or online. You will need to provide supporting documents, including proof of disability, identity, and residency. Once approved, work with an NDIS planner to create a personalized support plan.

    For more detailed information, visit the NDIS application page.

    Key Information:

    • Check eligibility based on age, residency, and disability.
    • Contact the NDIA to begin the registration process.
    • Provide necessary documentation and develop a support plan.

    What types of funding does the NDIS provide for participants in Sydney?

    The NDIS offers several types of funding to participants in Sydney, each aimed at supporting different aspects of a participant’s life. Core supports funding helps with daily living activities, such as personal care, household tasks, and transportation, and is flexible for various needs. Capacity building funding aims to enhance the participant’s independence and skills, covering areas such as support coordination, employment-related supports, and therapeutic services. Capital supports funding is for significant investments like assistive technology, home modifications, and vehicle modifications, designed to improve mobility and independence.

    Key Information:

    • Core supports funding covers daily living activities.
    • Capacity building funding focuses on developing skills and independence.
    • Capital supports funding is for significant investments like assistive technology and home modifications.

    For more detailed information, visit the NDIS supports funded page.

    How can NDIS participants in Sydney ensure they make the most of their funding?

    NDIS participants in Sydney can maximize their funding by careful planning and effective management of supports. Collaborate with your NDIS planner to create and regularly update a comprehensive support plan. Choose high-quality providers that align with your goals by comparing options and seeking feedback from other participants. Use the flexibility of core supports funding to adjust services as needed. Keep detailed records of your spending and review your budget regularly. Engage a plan manager or support coordinator for additional assistance.

    Kuremara helps participants maximize their funding by offering personalized support plans, high-quality services, and ongoing guidance. Our team ensures that participants’ needs are met efficiently and effectively, providing support in choosing the right services and managing budgets.

    Key Information:

    • Develop and update a comprehensive support plan.
    • Research and choose high-quality providers.
    • Maintain detailed records and review your budget regularly.
    • Kuremara offers personalized support and ongoing guidance.

    For more detailed information, visit the NDIS budget usage page.

    What is Kuremara and how does it support NDIS participants in Sydney?

    Kuremara is a registered NDIS provider based in Sydney, offering comprehensive support services to individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to empower participants by providing personalized care plans that cater to their unique needs and goals. Leveraging our expertise and dedicated team, we ensure that participants receive the highest quality of support. Kuremara offers a wide range of services, including Supported Independent Living (SIL), Short Term Accommodation (STA), and various capacity-building supports. Our goal is to help participants achieve greater independence, enhance their quality of life, and actively engage in their communities. We pride ourselves on our client-centered approach, where each participant’s needs and preferences are at the forefront of our service delivery.

    Key Information:

    • Kuremara offers personalized care plans tailored to individual needs.
    • Services include Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Short Term Accommodation (STA).
    • Focus on empowering participants to achieve independence and engage in the community.

    What specific Capacity Building Supports does Kuremara offer?

    Kuremara offers a wide range of Capacity Building Supports to help participants achieve their goals. These include:

    1. Improved Daily Living: Training and support to develop practical skills for everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care.
    2. Improved Health and Wellbeing: Access to therapeutic supports like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and counseling to enhance physical and mental health.
    3. Improved Learning: Support for participants to pursue educational opportunities and vocational training to enhance their skills and employability.

    Each of these supports is designed to be flexible and tailored to the individual needs of participants, ensuring they receive the most relevant and effective assistance.

    Key Information:

    • Improved Daily Living: Practical skills training for everyday activities.
    • Improved Health and Wellbeing: Access to therapeutic supports.
    • Improved Learning: Educational and vocational training support.

    For more detailed information, visit the NDIS support budgets page.

    How can Kuremara help NDIS participants build their capacity and independence?

    Kuremara specialises in providing Capacity Building Supports that help NDIS participants develop the skills and confidence needed for greater independence. Our services include life skills training, therapeutic supports, and community participation activities. These supports are tailored to each participant’s unique needs and goals, ensuring they receive the most relevant and effective assistance.

    Key Information:

    • Life skills training for practical everyday skills.
    • Therapeutic supports to improve physical and mental health.
    • Community participation activities to enhance social engagement.

    Why should NDIS participants in Sydney choose Kuremara?

    NDIS participants in Sydney should choose Kuremara for our commitment to high-quality, personalized support. Our experienced team works closely with participants to understand their unique needs and develop tailored support plans. We offer a comprehensive range of services, ensuring holistic care that addresses all aspects of a participant’s life. Our focus on continuous improvement and active participant feedback guarantees that our services remain effective and responsive.

    Key Information:

    • High-quality, personalized support from an experienced team.
    • Comprehensive range of services for holistic care.
    • Continuous improvement based on participant feedback.

    What makes Kuremara a preferred NDIS provider in Sydney?

    Kuremara stands out as a preferred NDIS provider in Sydney due to our commitment to excellence, personalized service, and community focus. Our experienced team delivers high-quality, individualized support aligned with each participant’s goals. We offer comprehensive services, including supported independent living (SIL), short term accommodation (STA), and capacity-building supports. Our robust quality assurance processes and adherence to NDIS standards ensure participants receive safe and effective support. We continuously seek feedback to improve our services and ensure satisfaction.

    Key Information:

    • Commitment to excellence and personalized service.
    • Comprehensive service offerings including SIL and STA.

    How can NDIS participants and support coordinators get started with Kuremara?

    NDIS participants and support coordinators can get started with Kuremara by contacting our team via our website, phone, or email. Our friendly staff will guide you through the initial consultation process, where we will discuss the participant’s needs and goals. We will then develop a personalized support plan tailored to those specific requirements. Throughout the participant’s journey with Kuremara, we provide ongoing support and regular reviews to ensure their needs are continuously met.

    Key Information:

    • Contact Kuremara via website, phone at 1300 000 799, or email at care@kuremara.com.au to get started.
    • Initial consultation to discuss needs and goals.
    • Development of a personalized support plan with ongoing support and regular reviews.

    Can I change NDIS providers to Kuremara?

    Yes, NDIS participants can change providers to Kuremara. The process involves notifying your current provider of your decision to switch and contacting Kuremara to begin the transition. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps, including transferring your support plan and ensuring a smooth handover of services. We are committed to making the transition as seamless as possible to ensure continuity of care and support.

    Key Information:

    • Notify your current provider of your decision to switch.
    • Contact Kuremara to start the transition process.
    • Kuremara will assist in transferring your support plan and ensuring a smooth handover.

    We’re only a phone call away when you need us.

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