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Residence is more than just lodging. There is a lot more to it than that. You can grow learn and be who you are best at home where you feel safe. With support under NDIS Supported Independent Living in Brisbane, allows them to maintain control over their lives home caregiving enables people with disabilities to live in the community.  

As a SIL provider in Brisbane, our SIL services offer a secure living environment and assist you in leading as independent a life as possible at home is this one. In a cozy shared house, a staff of highly skilled support workers offers SIL participants round-the-clock help. Day-to-day activities like grocery shopping going out in the community budgeting taking medication visiting doctors and cooking are all supported.  

If you or someone you care about is looking for mental health housing or SIL housing in Brisbane, please get in contact. 

SIL Accommodation Services in Brisbane

With the support of SIL Accommodation in Brisbane, participants are able to live freely. We assist with daily tasks such as preparing nutritious meals, maintaining house cleanliness, and getting ready for bed. We care about you feeling strong and in charge of your own life above everything else. We watch out for your safety, comfort, and pursuit of life’s greatest potential. 

In home 24/7 support


Kuremara offers assistance during your whole day schedule, including nighttime.

Behaviour Support


Whether participants have behaviour plans or not, they can receive help from Kuremara.

Assistance with Finding Accommodation

We at Kuremara can help you find the accommodation that meets your needs. We can help you locate SDA or SIL housing in Brisbane or in the area of your choice. 

Therapeutic Support


Receiving funding for NDIS supporting components is quite typical. Participants can choose from a variety of therapeutic supports, and each one must be provided by a licenced provider 

Community Access


The goal of the NDIS’s Community Access assistance is to enable you to cross that item off your list. Getting out and about, meeting people, and experiencing new activities are all part of living a full life. Engaging in civic, social, and community events is a great way to build your social skills as well as essential daily living abilities and a healthy lifestyle. 

Access to 24/7 medical support through the Priority Health Group


 Kuremara is affiliated with a healthcare provider, Priority Health Group. If participants require telehealth visits, our doctors are on call around-the-clock. 

Assistance with activities of daily living


Our NDIS Supported independent living service in Brisbane supports daily personal activities and supervises personal duties, which are examples of assistance with daily living. We can help with everyday life at Kuremara, including bathing, dressing, preparing meals, helping with medicine, and providing domestic support such as help with cleaning, gardening, shopping, and scheduling personal appointments. 

Assistance with Travel



Generally, the NDIS provides fund for travel support to people with disabilities who have substantial difficulties utilising public transport. We have cars at Kuremara that may be utilised to move people around. Throughout the travels, our support staff will offer assistance.  

Our Supported Accommodation Programs

  • Tailored individual and group mental health programs delivered by our own in-house psychologist or mental health nurse. 


  • GP delivered focused psychological activities for small groups. 


  • A wide range of individual and group behaviour support therapies. 


  • Tailored individual and group community access activities across Southeast Queensland. 


  • Tailored  individual programs delivered by our in-house Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to meet participants goals. 

Why Choose Kuremara for SIL Housing in Brisbane?

In order to help people live as independently as possible while maintaining their safety and wellness, SIL House provides shared living arrangements together with support and assistance. This programme offers a cosy and secure living environment while fostering community involvement. 


  • We assist you to find accommodations at SIL House. 
  • Our team of support personnel is always on hand to offer assistance.  
  • Our skilled support staff will make sure to collaborate with you to meet your objectives.  
  • Our medical staff ready to help if needed.  

Areas We Serve for Supported Independent Living (SIL) House


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