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What is Short Term Accommodation (STA)?

Our Short-Term accommodation services offer a home away from home. Meet new friends, try new things, and recharge.

Under the NDIS, short term accommodation replaces what used to be called respite for people with disabilities.

If you require emergency care, a break, or a temporary stay option to recover, living away from home for a short period is made easy with NDIS Short-Term Accommodation (STA). You may try new activities, meet people, and learn skills with NDIS STA. It also allows your family or carers to take a little vacation from providing care.  Our STA in Brisbane provides a home away from home. Participants can try new activities, make new friends, and unwind.   


Short-term accommodations, once known as a respite for persons with disabilities, are now replaced under the NDIS. As the leading provider of NDIS STA in Brisbane, we guarantee that our customers have a fantastic stay. This is ensured by offering first-rate service, spotlessly clean and cosy accommodations, and great locations. Please make a reservation with us to enjoy the NDIS STA in Brisbane.  

Our Short Term Disability Accommodation (STA) Services in Brisbane

To help participants, we provide a range of NDIS respite care choices under STA. We provide a variety of services, including personal care, medical support, assistive technology, and modifiable accommodations, to enable individuals to recover and reclaim their independence. Our NDIS short-term accommodation in Brisbane is developed to make sure that clients may go on leading happy lives throughout their recovery. Please browse all our services below or get in touch with us for our choices for NDIS STA Brisbane. Our NDIS Housing facilities are mainly made to accommodate people with complex support requirements 

Assistance with travel


Generally, the NDIS funds travel support for people with disabilities who have substantial difficulties using public transport. Under the NDIS, STA in Brisbane Kuremara uses cars to make transportation easier for participants. Throughout travels, our support staff will offer assistance

In-home 24/7 support


Kuremara offers round-the-clock assistance for all your everyday and nightly needs. Depending on your needs, our In Home care can provide a wide range of services to help you keep your freedom and go on living at home.  

Behaviour support


Under our short term accommodation NDIS in Brisbane, we provide mental health help to participants, whether they have behaviour plans or not. Understanding the reasons behind a person with a disability’s inappropriate or difficult conduct and what can be done to develop capacity in a fun and secure setting are the main goals of our behavioural support services.    

Assistance with activities of daily living


Assistance with daily living includes supporting regular personal activities and supervising personal daily tasks. Kuremara can assist with daily living, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication assistance, and domestic support, including cleaning, gardening, shopping, and attending personal appointments.  

Access to 24/7 medical support through the Priority Health Group


Kuremara is affiliated with the principal healthcare provider, Priority Health Group. If any participants in our short-term accommodation in Brisbane NDIS require telehealth visits, our doctors are on call around the clock.  

A range of tailored activities throughout Southeast Queensland and Emerald


Kuremara provides a broad range of customised activities that may be tailored to meet your individual needs under STA Brisbane. The activities range from full days to half days to short activities. You make the decision. To ensure that we support your objectives and enthusiasm, our devoted and knowledgeable support staff can assist you in organising events.  

Therapeutic support


Receiving money for NDIS therapeutic assistance inside your plan is a typical occurrence. Various therapeutic services are offered for those who meet the eligibility requirements, and a licenced professional must provide each treatment. As an NDIS STA provider, we aim to enhance your level of independence and enable your involvement in day-to-day, practical tasks. This includes interpersonal interactions, language and communication, mobility and movement, personal care, and communal life.  

Community access


Getting out and about, meeting people, and experiencing new activities are all part of living a whole life. Living a healthy lifestyle involves participating in social and community activities. Whether you want to take art classes, travel, learn to play an instrument or engage in many other community-building activities, Kuremara can help you do it. Our community access programmes under STA NDIS can assist you in becoming involved and socially connected in your community in various ways

Respite care in quality accommodation


We have a range of exquisite lodging options available at Kuremara. We know that circumstances might lead to an unexpected need for short-term care. Respite care also referred to as short-term accommodation, can help families remain together and better support a family member with a handicap. Because of this, we provide high-quality, short-term lodging in a laid-back setting where your loved ones or participants will receive excellent care. Under NDIS respite, participants may easily stay in our friendly short-term respite housing houses for a night, a weekend, or a couple of weeks. Since we care, our mission is to consistently offer high-quality respite care.

Why choose Kuremara for NDIS Respite in Brisbane?

Our committed staff is enthusiastic about giving each person a fulfilling and good STA NDIS experience. Our tidy and cosy rooms, which are intended to feel like a real home away from home, are the perfect place for participants to unwind. We provide a wide variety of full and half-day events so that you may interact with others and discover new things, all while having quick access to the neighbourhood’s attractions and interesting activities 

Areas We Serve for Short Term Accommodation (STA)


Find out more about the Emerald Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Logan Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Brisbane Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Ipswich Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Redlands Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Our Short Term Accommodation (STA) Housing Activities

Full day activities

  • Visiting Theme Parks

  • Visiting Zoos

  • Visiting The Beach

  • Visiting National Parks

  • Attending Sporting Event (Footy, soccer and cricket matches)

Half day activities

  • Visiting Museums

  • Visiting Farms

  • Gaming

  • Visiting Arcades

  • Prince and Princess Pampering Activities

Short activities (1 to 3 hours)

  • Sporting Activities (inc swimming, minigolf)

  • Picnic In The Park

  • Games (inc board/card/video games)

  • Site Seeing (city cat, bus and train tours)

  • Therapy (inc sand therapy, meditation)

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