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What is Short Term Accommodation (STA)?

Our short term accommodation services offer a home away from home. Meet new friends, try new things, and recharge.

Under the NDIS, short term accommodation replaces what used to be called respite for people with disabilities.

NDIS short term accommodation (STA) is a service that allows people living with disabilities the chance to live away from home for short periods. Whether you need a break, emergency care, or respite.

NIDS STA gives you the chance to try new things, make friends, and learn skills. It also gives your family or carers a short break from their caring roles.

We pride ourselves on being the best short term accommodation provider. With our commitment to providing exceptional service, immaculately clean and comfortable rooms, and prime locations, we ensure our guests have an unforgettable stay. Book with us and experience the best in NDIS STA.

Our Short Term Disability Accommodation (STA) Services

We provide a variety of short term disability accommodation (STA) options to assist individuals with disabilities. Our range of services includes accommodation modifications, assistive devices, personal care, and medical support to enable individuals to recover and regain their independence. Our specialist disability accommodations services aim to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to the necessary support to maintain their quality of life during their recovery period. Our NDIS Housing properties are specifically designed to cater to those with complex support needs, Contact us today to learn more about our disability accommodation options, or find all of our services below.

Assistance with travel


Typically, individuals with disabilities who face significant challenges when using public transportation can receive funding for transportation assistance through the NDIS. At Kuremara we have vehicles that can be used to transport participants. Our support workers will provide support throughout the trips.

In-home 24/7 support


At Kuremara, we provide support 24/7 hours covering your daily routine and overnight needs. Our In-home care can include a wide range of different services depending on your needs, which can help you maintain your independence and continue living at home.

Behaviour support


At Kuremara we provide support to Mental Health participants with or without behaviour plans. Our behavioural support services are all about understanding why a person with a disability may engage in inappropriate or challenging behaviour, and what can be done to build capacity in a safe, enjoyable environment. 

Assistance with activities of daily living


Assistance with daily living includes providing support for regular personal activities and supervision of personal daily tasks. At Kuremara we can provide assistance with daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication assistance and domestic support including assistance with cleaning, gardening, shopping and attending personal appointments.

Access to 24/7 medical support through the Priority Health Group


Kuremara is affiliated with Priority Health Group, a primary Health Care provider. Our doctors are available 24/7 to provide telehealth appointments to our participants if needed.

A range of tailored activities throughout Southeast Queensland and Emerald


At Kuremara we offer a wide range of tailored activities depending on your needs, the activities varies from full day, half day, short activities or can customise an activity program specific to your needs. You decide..! Our dedicated and experienced support workers can help plan activities with you to make sure that we support your goals and passion.

Therapeutic support


It is quite common to receive funding for NDIS therapeutic supports in your plan. There are a wide range of therapeutic supports available for eligible participants and each service must be delivered by a qualified provider. The qualification required by each service provider will vary depending on which support is being delivered. The goal of NDIS therapeutic supports is to help you improve your independence and enable participation in daily, practical activities. This covers areas such as language and communication, mobility and movement, personal care, interpersonal interactions and community living.

Community access


Living a full life is about getting out and about, meeting people, and trying new things. Participating in social and community activities is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. At Kuremara, we can support you in taking part in the community whether that be signing up for an art class, going on a holiday, learning to play an instrument, or many other activities. There are many ways our community access services can help you to be socially connected and engaged in your community. 

Respite care in quality accommodation


At Kuremara we offer a variety of beautiful accommodation. We understand that the need for short term care can arise suddenly and for a range of reasons. Short Term Accommodation services, also known as Respite services, can strengthen a family’s ability to care for a family member with a disability and stay together as a family. That’s why we offer quality, short term accommodations in a comfortable and relaxed environment where your loved ones or participants will be well looked after.  Our welcoming respite, short stay accommodation homes are a relaxed stay for people with a disability for a night, a weekend or a week or two. Our goal is to always provide quality respite – because, we care

Our Short Term Accommodation (STA) Housing Activities

Full day activities

  • Visiting Theme Parks

  • Visiting Zoos

  • Visiting The Beach

  • Visiting National Parks

  • Attending Sporting Event (Footy, soccer and cricket matches)

Half day activities

  • Visiting Museums

  • Visiting Farms

  • Gaming

  • Visiting Arcades

  • Prince and Princess Pampering Activities

Short activities (1 to 3 hours)

  • Sporting Activities (inc swimming, minigolf)

  • Picnic In The Park

  • Games (inc board/card/video games)

  • Site Seeing (city cat, bus and train tours)

  • Therapy (inc sand therapy, meditation)

Areas We Serve for Short Term Accommodation (STA)


Find out more about the Emerald Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Brisbane Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Ipswich Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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Find out more about the Redlands Short Term Accommodation (STA).

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