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NDIS registered provider in Cranbourne

Care and Support for our participants are our core values as the NDIS provider in Cranbourne. We take responsibility for extending all the support our participants expect from us. 

Kuremara’s disability services at Cranbourne, Victoria is geared to sustain our participants live a completely life of contentment. We aim to accomplish this task through the NDIS services we offer. Kuremara’s NDIS support service functions to aid our participants in every way possible – personalised, and customised programs to enhance their daily living with ideal consideration. 

Our team is professional in nature and passionate in service. Our goal is to help every participant attain their life goals with the resources we have. We guide every participant to gain independence and flexibility in all their activities. NDIS and Kuremara dedicates its resources to elevate their efforts to improve everyone we care for. 

NDIS Cranbourne empowers you and gives wings to your life aspiration through Kuremara. We are here to serve you in whatever capacity you want us to make your life better. 

Kuremara healthcare professionals committed for you at NDIS Cranbourne

Kuremara can proudly boast of a proficient team of dedicated healthcare personnel who are well-trained and skilled people. In addition to providing disability housing, we advocate strongly for the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

We ensure that each participant using the NDIS in Cranbourne receives thorough and efficient support throughout their journey due to their unique perspective and experience 

Our Privileged Recipients

All age groups up to 65 years are supported by our medical and mental health service and NDIS registered providers in Cranbourne.A large portion of Southeast Queensland is covered by us, including Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture, Logan, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.  Our Central Queensland coverage also includes Emerald.  

More About Us

Our range of NDIS disability services in Cranbourne will empower your life.

Providing NDIS disability services in Cranbourne is what we do; we make sure everything goes according to plan by offering you personalised support plans. As part of Kuremara’s commitment to providing support and care, we ensure that our participants receive the best care available. As you move along the journey, we make sure you feel empowered and in control. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

With our SIL services, you can get assistance with errands and chores all around the house. 

In-Home support

A client utilizing our in-home care service is assisted in all personal tasks, such as grooming, bathing, and shopping. 

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

As a home away from home, our STA services provide you with comfort and convenience. Respite is being replaced by STA. 

Community Access

NDIS community access support not only facilitates your access to additional activities, and enhances your social and communal skills. 

Community Nursing

You can rely on our community nurses to provide you with the medical care you need. They understand your medical treatment as well. 


NDIS providers in Cranbourne provide transport services to make mobility more convenient, at home and outside. 

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Kuremara is providing our Cranbourne participants, the NDIS services they deserve

NDIS Toowoomba

NDIS Supported Independent Living in Cranbourne

Why is our NDIS SIL the best choice for you?

Our SIL NDIS services are dedicated to giving participants a positive, upbeat atmosphere and a burst of enthusiasm when it comes to Kuremara disability services in Cranbourne. In addition to providing professional care that meets the needs of all participants, Kuremara’s NDIS registered providers also strive to provide a home away from home where participants feel appreciated and motivated to accomplish their life goals.  

NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Cranbourne

Our NDIS STA or Respite Services in Cranbourne

NDIS STA services in Cranbourne are more than just assistance; we foster a nurturing environment where people can grow and learn. No matter what type of NDIS-supported independent living you need, we’ll handle everything, from therapy to behavior modification. The same applies to NDIS respite providers, who facilitate respite care from the NDIS for children with autism, through the diverse services we provide.

NDIS Respite Providers Logan
NDIS Providers Logan

Experience Kuremara as the most dependable alternative for support coordinator

Kuremara recognizes the need to offer tailored solutions under NDIS services in Mackay. Support coordinators and plan managers help us reach more people.  We work closely with you to understand what your NDIS participants want, need, and want. Consequently, Kuremara’s NDIS registered providers give individualised in-home care, ranging from delicious meals to medication management. Join forces with us to empower your participants with more independence and a higher quality of life through flexible, reliable support. 

Why select us as your trustworthy NDIS Provider in Cranbourne?

  • Understanding and Practice:  We have provided excellent disability services in Cranbourne to our participants for more than a decade.
  • Tailored services:  NDIS registered providers of community nursing or in-home care providers, we understand the importance of fundamental needs like your health care and your daily needs. 
  • Authorized service supplier: Kuremara is a trustworthy NDIS provider of support services in Cranbourne. Our specialists have been registered with the Australian government and we have been issued a license. 
  • Services that are broad:Kuremara can provide a wide range of services that include personal care and NDIS transport providers. With our NDIS services, you can fulfill every need in your daily life. 

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