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Disability Transportation Services in Sydney

Do you require transport services a few times a week? Are you going to be needing transport every day? There may be instances when your transport needs are irregular, and thus highly unpredictable. Going from one place to another can be a mountainous task. Often, NDIS participants struggle with their mobility.  

However hectic the schedule could get, Kuremara NDIS Disability Transport Services will find a way to serve your preferences and convenience. We understand how busy one person’s schedule can become , even though everyone is not necessarily the same as another. 

As the NDIS transport providers in Sydney, Kuremara understands that transportation is one important factor that enables our participants to have freedom and flexibility and provides you with the best customised transportation so you do not have to worry anymore. You can move around independently with your loved one. We have wheelchair-accessible vehicles to help you with your activities so you need not restrict your plans anymore. 

For our NDIS transport services, we have seasoned drivers assigned to work with you. Depending on the arrangement that we will have, our drivers will be ready to serve you at any place and time. You can access our transportation services for personal arrangements as well. Find Kuremara, your dependable NDIS disability provider for transportation services.

Empowering Independence: NDIS Disability Transport Service Providers in Sydney for Daily Living

Kuremara provides NDIS disability transport services in Sydney. You gain accessible transportation for your dear family member impaired with disability. Our NDIS disability support services in Sydney help you with your personal, social, medical, and any other appointments you generally would opt out of. Our participants opt for our disability transportation services to engage in recreational, and civic activities.

When your NDIS plan includes transport, you can enjoy our services. We have disability-accessible vehicles for individuals and the community.

We provide transportation services to and from:


Kuremara’s Mission: To provide inclusive and accessible solutions through NDIS disability transport services in Sydney and allow disabled people to independently participate in personal and communal activities.

 School and educational institutions

  GP and Health appointments

 Community Access activities

Recreational outings

Grooming or personal appointments

 Door-to-door services

Visiting Family and friends

Financial appointments

Why you should choose Kuremara for NDIS Disability Transport in Sydney

Kuremara provides complete NDIS transport services to help you achieve your goals. You can plan your transportation options with our NDIS transport providers in Sydney. We take absolute responsibility for your safety as you start your journey until you are safe back in the comfort of your home.

  • You can gain from our experience to organise disability transport services in Sydney for you. We are sensitive to help you gain control of your life.
  • We form a long-lasting bond with our participants and provide customised services through our NDIS transport services.
  • Help you collaborate with people who can understand your needs and your travel requirements. We make sure you receive all necessary help.
  • We consider your personal goals before and after travel.
  • Our NDIS transport providers in Sydney are reliable, punctual, and understand your situation.
  • Understand your difficulties and organise your travel diary. Help you perform daily tasks, meet your appointments and socialise in the community.

You can achieve all these tasks successfully throughout NDIS transport providers in Sydney.

NDIS participant transportation funding

The purpose of transportation financing in NDIS plans is to help participants reach their communities and preserve or increase their independence. Participant transportation funding is likewise divided into two groups. 

General Transport

Circumstances in which participants have to move from one site to another are included in general transport. The service provider providing the transportation is not required to continue assisting upon arrival (although they may). 

Here are several examples:

  • A participant pays for a private car service.
  • A participant who takes the bus, taxi, or Uber to an activity.

Participants who use public transportation may be able to deduct the costs from their NDIS Travel Allowance.

Activity-based transport

This form of transportation refers to instances in which the individual providing the transportation will also assist the member at the destination. Activity-based transport (ABT) funding caters for the cost of transporting the member.

Providers may charge for ABT if they provide services in the following categories:

  • Anticipated Transport Assistance Levels
  • Better Living Conditions
  • Coordination of Assistance
  • Increase in Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Learning
  • Obtaining and Maintaining Employment
  • Support for Social and Community Participation

In case your disability is complicated by the use of public transportation. Considerably, the NDIS may find it practically important to offer money for taxis, rideshares, and community transportation.

For More info Visit  – NDIS Transport Funding Information


What is NDIS Transport Funding?

A participant will gain access to funding through NDIS transport assistance. This can generally happen when the participant is unable to use public transport due to their disability. Funding cannot cover transport assistance for carers to transport their disabled family members for everyday commitments. But any relevant taxi subsidy scheme is considered.

Who can get NDIS transport funding?

If your disability prevents you from using public transport independently, you might be eligible for NDIS transport funding. This includes those who need taxis or other transport services due to their disability. Kuremara can help assess your eligibility and assist with the application process.

How do I apply for NDIS transport support?

You can discuss your transport needs with your NDIS planner during your plan meeting. Make sure to highlight how your disability affects your ability to use regular transport. Kuremara can provide you with tips and support during this meeting to ensure all your transport needs are covered.

What are the NDIS transport funding levels?

There are three levels of transport funding support with the NDIS:

  • Level 1: Up to $1,606 per year. This is for folks who aren’t working, studying, or attending day programs but want to get out and about in the community. It also covers those who want to do volunteer work without pay.
  • Level 2: From $1,606 to $2,472 per year. This level is for people who work or study part-time (up to 15 hours a week), go to day programs, or participate in social, recreational, or leisure activities.
  • Level 3: From $2,472 to $3,456 per year. This is for those who are working or studying at least 15 hours a week, are looking for work, and can’t use public transport because of their disability.

    More info visit here –

What types of transport can NDIS cover?

NDIS can cover a range of transport options, including taxis, specialist disability transport, community transport, and even ride-sharing services. Kuremara offers a variety of transport solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What is not covered by NDIS transport funding?

  • The cost of public bus or train tickets – these are considered day-to-day living costs and are not funded by the NDIS
  • The cost of bus or train tickets for family members, friends or carers
  • To pay someone in your family to drive you around.
  • Concessions to use public transport
  • General transport requirements for children aged under 18 (the NDIS indicates it is a parent’s responsibility to meet their child’s daily transportation requirements)

Providers may claim reasonable travel costs for delivering support as well as driving participants to community or other activities.

What factors influence NDIS transportation funding?

NDIS can assist with taxis, rideshares, and community transportation. But you must meet reasonable eligibility to incorporate transportation financing in your strategy.

Your transportation support requirements must meet the following funding criteria:

  • Is it connected to your disability?
  • Is it more than a day-to-day living expense?
  • Is it a good investment?
  • Does it assist you in meeting your NDIS objectives or being more involved in your community?
  • Is it unfair to expect your informal support network to assist?
  • Is the NDIS your sole option for funding support?

Can I change my transport provider?

Yes, you’re free to change your transport provider if you’re not satisfied with the service. Just make sure to inform your NDIS planner and update your plan if necessary. Kuremara is always ready to step in and provide top-notch transport services to meet your needs.

How can Kuremara help with NDIS transport in Sydney?

Kuremara’s got you covered with top-notch disability transport services in Sydney! They offer a range of personalized transport solutions to help you get around safely and comfortably. Whether you need assistance with taxis, ride-sharing, or other transport services, Kuremara’s dedicated team ensures you have the support you need. They’re all about helping you stay independent and fully participate in your community activities.

Want to learn more about their awesome services? Check out Kuremara, your go-to NDIS Provider in Sydney!

We’re only a phone call away when you need us.

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