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Discover a New Experience with our NDIS Short-Term Accommodation in Sydney

Our NDIS short-term accommodation services in Sydney include short-term accommodation. You can find a home away from home for your comfort living. You can explore life, find new acquaintances, perform new difficult tasks easily, and refresh your life.

STA under NDIS is a service provided for our disabled participants. Earlier, this service was provided as NDIS respite care in Sydney.

Are you looking at emergency care, a break from monotony, or enjoy a short stay for rehabilitation and rejuvenation? Our STA provides the best NDIS respite care services for you to enjoy in Sydney. Our participants can find short-term stays away from home with ease. You can find this stay as a second home without discomfort. You can enjoy new activities, find new friends, and explore life away from your home in a new place with our NDIS registered STA providers with you always. As an NDIS STA provider in Sydney, we offer a relaxed respite care experience for you.

Learn More About our NDIS STA Provider in Sydney

We assist our participants through our NDIS STA providers in Sydney. Short-term accommodation or STA covers the client’s personal needs, medical care, respite care and adaptable support. Our STA providers in Sydney provide NDIS short term accommodation for our participants so they can regain their independence and be refreshed. Discover more about our NDIS respite care services at our Sydney website.

Assistance with travel


As NDIS registered providers, we assist our participants with traveling wherever they want to. Public transportation can often cause significant difficulties while going from one place to another. Our STA providers in Sydney take care to provide customized transportation that is convenient for our participants’ mobility. Under NDIS respite care, our STA providers will guide you consistently from the start till the completion of your travel.

In-home 24/7 support

You are eligible to receive round-the-clock support for all your personal needs. NDIS-registered respite care providers are prepared to assist you. You can maintain your independence while you are at the comfort of your home.

Behaviour support

Kuremara provides mental health care to our participants through the STA NDIS services. While you are at short-term accommodation in Sydney, you will receive behavioral support from our NDIS respite care support providers. We can help you find relief from your disability and its impact.

Daily Life Assistance


NDIS support coordination involves the least assistance – even in daily life. You can receive help in your daily activities, personal and communal. Cooking, cleaning, grooming, medical aid and domestic assistance is included in this service.

Access to 24/7 medical support through the Priority Health Group


Priority Health Group provides you with the best health care assistance with priority. A team of well-trained professionals look after your health 24/7. Any kind of medical, mental assistance is provided for you. You can avail this service at home or even at the short-term stay.

Customized Activities Just for You


Kuremara functions with the aim that as a client, you and your health are our priority. We prepare customised programs and community events that help you gain confidence and freedom in your personal and communal space. Our STA service providers ensure you are provided the best care.

Therapeutic support

Our NDIS STA Services in Sydney cover your therapeutic support. You may experience a wide range of services to help you gain confidence and fulfill your life goals. You are always accompanied by an NDIS STA provider.

Community access

Kuremara’s NDIS services in Sydney covers community access for all our participants. As a team, we work with our participants and provide adaptable programs through our support coordinators. Our goal is to help them make new friends, gain diverse learnings, and live a content life through their community participation.

NDIS Quality Accommodation Services

Short-term accommodations help our participants receive NDIS respite care as they stay with their families in a home away from home. Here, we understand their needs, desires and aspirations. We help them build on their relationship to grow together as a family. The family also learns how to take care of their disabled family member.

Our Short Term Accommodation Housing Activities

Full day activities

  • Visiting Recreational Parks

  • Visiting a Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Enjoying the Beach

  • Experience National Heritage Places

  • Witness Sporting Events

Half day activities

  • Visit to a Historic Museum

  • Visit a Country Farm

  • Play 3D Games

  • Visit a Mall

  • Play with Children

Short activities (1 to 3 hours)

  • Sports (Swimming, Mini-golf)

  • Picnic with the local community

  • Games (Video games, or Uno)

  • Site-seeing historical monuments

  • Natural Therapy (Meditation, sand therapy)

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