Sydney's Trusted NDIS SIL Provider - Live Independently with Kuremara!

Are you exploring your options for specialist SIL providers in Sydney? Well, you have come to the right place. At Kuremara, you can avail the best NDIS SIL provider for your dear ones. Disability is not a drawback. Our participant can live their lives with complete freedom with our NDIS support.

Kuremara promotes Supported Independent Living for the clients. You receive assistance in completing your daily routine and continue to live comfortably. Being the best NDIS SIL in Sydney, we assure you to help tick off your goals. We work to enable you to move around freely with our assistance and find satisfaction and contentment as well. You can access to our adaptable programs for your accommodations in Sydney with our able guidance.

As a registered NDIS SIL provider in Sydney, Kuremara enables you perfectly to take care of yourself with ease, complete chores like cooking, and cleaning, and help build your confidence, prepare you to be self-sufficient as well. The team is well-trained with multiple scenarios to understand how you would respond to each situation in your life. They enjoy assisting you in your journey to achieve your aspirations. Kuremara is privileged to provide the best NDIS SIL accommodation near you in Sydney.

SIL NDIS Services in Sydney For You

Kuremara has the best SIL accommodation in Sydney. Being a registered NDIS SIL service provider, our team ably assists the clients with accommodation and support at their own homes. We work together with the clients ensuring their safety and development are positively upgraded. Also, we boost our clients’ confidence to helping them in their tasks and their goals. You can rest assured that the clients find the freedom to enjoy life with our guided help.

In home 24/7 support


You can find Kuremara as a strong-willed companion ensuring assistance for you and your growth with our NDIS supported independent living.

Behaviour Support


Our NDIS SIL team supports clients who struggle with medical, mental and behavioural needs.

Support in finding accommodation

Struggling to find a play to stay? NDIS SIL is prepared to adapt according to your evolving preferences. You will find satisfaction in our services.


Therapeutic Support


We provide therapeutic coordination that could be part of your NDIS plan. You will be supported therapeutically by our SIL providers to find freedom in your life and success.

Community Access


Being a registered NDIS SIL provider, we customize our plans according to the clients’ needs. We work towards the best in our clients’ lives.

Priority Health Group’s 24/7 medical assistance


Our healthcare professionals are available round the clock to guarantee your health is in safe hands. SIL Sydney ensures that you have access to this service.

Assistance in daily life activities


As an NDIS-registered SIL provider, Kuremara is always ready to help clients excel in their daily activities. You can rely on us without a question or doubt.

Support in travelling



Our NDIS support coordination in Sydney works tirelessly so that our clients can enjoy travelling out. Your transport is customized to allow you to enjoy the thrill of life.

Services Covered in our SIL Accommodation in Sydney

  • You can access individual and group behavior care therapy.
  • General health care professionals guide you in group psychological activities.
  • Adaptable mental health programs for you as individuals and groups are undertaken by the care provider present with the client.
  • Community participation events are available for your betterment around Sydney.
  • Physiotherapists and therapists who are in-house as well as visit the clients frequently ensure customized programs help in their growth.

How Kuremara’s SIL in Sydney are the best for you?

As a NDIS SIL provider in Sydney, Kuremara offers individual as well as shared living accommodation for you. We assure you of the best professional care and guidance so you can grow in your confidence and become independent beings. Through NDIS SIL, we promote community participation with assured comfort and safety.

Remember, if you are exploring SIL accommodation in Sydney:

  • We provide the best accommodation with NDIS-registered SIL providers taking absolute care of your every need.
  • Our healthcare professionals are prepared to support you with any kind of therapy and are available around the clock.
  • Our support team understands how to help you take each step forward.

We’re only a phone call away when you need SIL Accommodation.

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