In-Home Support for Enhanced Independence in Melbourne

Among various providers of NDIS home care in Melbourne, Kuremara recognizes the need for freedom and assistance at home or in the neighborhood. We personalise daily duties like cooking and cleaning and even assist with personal care requirements such as bathing or medicine. But we go beyond the chores, we believe in empowering you to engage with your community and achieve your goals. Our personalised support enables you to succeed on your terms. 

NDIS In-home care is not just limited to your home, as Kuremara’s team also helps you access the community and achieve your goals according to your preferences.  

At Kuremara, we can help you with:  

  • Personal care tasks that enable your health and well-being
  • Mobility Support –(e.g., hoist transfers, getting in and out of bed)
  • Dressing Support
  • Showering Support
  • Personal Grooming assistance
  • Domestic tasks – assistance with grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc
  • Attending appointments
  • Medication management assistance 
  • Finding your way around your community and exploring social and leisure activities 
  • Transport services

How Our In-Home Care Supports Your Well-Being?

Our In-Home Care support program provides personalized assistance for people of all ages with daily activities, including: 

In-Home Support Services that we provide in Melbourne

Shopping support

Whether you need assistance with transportation, carrying groceries, or the complete shopping experience, our support staff is ready to help. We guarantee that each item meets your exact requirements and tastes, providing you with the satisfaction of a well-stocked pantry. 

Meal preparation

Meal preparation may be a complex task of planning, purchasing, and cooking. Our in-home support service guides you through every stage. We help with meal planning, grocery buying, and painstakingly cooking nutritious meals that satisfy your taste buds and meet your dietary requirements. 

Medication management

Our registered nurses, who are thoroughly trained and adhere to all regulations, provide excellent medication management. We as a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne, attentively care to protect your health by monitoring dosages and expiration dates, outlining any adverse effects, and assuring timely administration.

Personal Care & Cleaning

Our support workers provide discreet, individualised assistance with personal care duties such as bathing, showering, grooming, and dressing, as well as increased mobility and company during medical visits or exercise regimens, allowing people to live confidently at home.

Life Skills Development

Our staff provides adaptable help to people with disabilities, leading them through basic daily tasks such as personal hygiene and food shopping, giving them more freedom and control. 

Daily Activities

Our personalised approach offers monitoring and support with daily duties, allowing people to live independently with more comfort. We teach fundamental living skills like home safety, meal preparation, and housekeeping, which promote general health and well-being. 

Why In-Home Support matters?

Being Melbourne’s registered provider of NDIS in-home care, we provide empathetic treatment tailored to your specific requirements. Kuremara believes that NDIS in-home support helps people keep their freedom and achieve the best possible quality of life, whether at home or in the community.  

Among the best NDIS in-home care providers in Melbourne, Kuremara seeks to provide treatment in a familiar setting. We ensure you have improved safety, boosted independence, simplified chronic disease management, and reduced hospitalisations. Home-based assistance can also help our participants to recuperate after an injury or sickness.  

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